Start a Website – Website Building Tutorial for Beginners


simple websiteIf you want to build a websitethis tutorial will assist you in starting your own website.  

This is mainly intended for laypersons or beginners since it takes you step by step from the start to the end on how to create your own basic website.

Get your domain name

The initial step to getting a website is to get your domain name. This is the name that you want to use. For one to get a domain name, an annual fee has to be paid to a domain registrar. The registrar is a company that gives the right to use that name.

Choose a web host and sign up for an account

This is the second step of creating your own website. A web host is a company with numerous computers called servers that contain customer websites that people surfing the internet can access.  By placing your webpage on a webhosting company’s server, every person in the world is able to bring your website up simply by typing in your website’s domain name.  A good way to think about a web hosting account is that it’s like renting a shop or storefront in the offline world.  Your web hosting account provides you with a way for people to find your website online.

Once you have your domain name and web hosting account the next step is the fun part.  The actual designing of your website.

Designing your web pages

At this step, you can hire a web designer if you want but you don’t have to.  Most web hosting companies provide easy to use website builders that allow you to easily make your own website.  These can make simple websites or websites that are very complex depending on what you want.

It is very simple to build your own website using a web host’s website maker software.  Most of these are WYSIWYG software which means “what you see is what you get.”  You simply choose what color and design you want for your website then add your text and images where you want them to appear on the page and that’s all you have to do.  It’s very easy.  You just point your mouse where you want something on your website page and it will be added in that spot.

What is great about using a web host’s website building software is that it is super simple for a beginner.  You don’t need to know HTML or CSS or any other complicated coding languages.  All you have to do is choose your design from usually hundreds of designs then point and click to add your content.  It makes website building very easy.

What a Beginner Should Know about WordPress


simple website in wordpressThis is for those who are intending to start a website with the support of the web host.   Here is an example of a simple website host.  A good knowledge about WordPress is essential as a beginner. This will be helpful in designing your web pages. Before you start designing your website, make a detailed study of WordPress. This has become an essential tool for most of the web developers and hosting companies.

WordPress is a simple and easy to understand without any complications. You will able to understand more about WordPress and its features as you continue working. It is software designed for the individual web users to easily create a web page or website or blog. Earlier when it took birth in 2003 the features were limited to blogs alone. But thanks to the community programmers who developed WordPress, it can be used as a CMS as well (Content Management System). This is based on powerful tools to manage content and writing tasks and perform site maintenance.

One need not be an expert to handle WordPress. Even a complete beginner with zero knowledge of developing a website can use it with ease. The user friendly feature of WordPress will constantly guide you in updating your web pages. All you have to do is take the support of web hosting company for installation of the software. Some of the companies will provide support in designing the website yourself with WordPress. This requires no technical skills like the web experts. You can blindly follow the manual obtainable on the site. Using WordPress, you can increase the traffic to your site as well.

This is open source software on the web. As it is free of cost the software is used on the commercial front as well. Since WordPress is custom-made use it for anything. Utilize the services of which offers free and updated version within seconds. It offers thousands of themes and plugins that assist you to design the website to your imagination. You are free to try the themes from the internet and use them for your website. This transformation will make the site look similar to commercial one. The plugins on the other hand will give access to do anything you require and is available within seconds. The Google plugin can also be downloaded if necessary.

WordPress is SEO user friendly. This will help in increasing the traffic to your site and maintain links with others. For example, you can easily link to other sites, make categories, they can tag posts on your site and many more. It takes just five minutes for installation of WordPress. All you have to do is follow the login procedure provided with themes. Fill in the details to login WordPress. With the display of Administration Screen you are free to play with your imagination in developing the site. Go to the ‘tool bar’ click on it and view the result of your creativity. Run the WordPress site and check for your mistakes.

You can always make changes to your website.   No matter what you do to your website or what design you choose you can always make changes at any time you like to it.  WordPress makes it very easy to make changes.

If you would like me to create your WordPress website for you or to help you with your already purchased WordPress account, please contact me.

How to Add Images and Links into Your Website

If you are building a website it’s a great idea to add images to your webpages.

Although the search engines do not see your images, they can tell where an image is on your page, and although the search engines do not care whether you have an image on your page, having images on the page is more important for aesthetic appeal to human visitors.

Readers do not appreciate pages with all text. Images are not only useful, with helping the appearance of the page, but they can aslo better illustrate what you are attempting to expose.  If you are involved in eCommere, and trying to sell any item, the chances are very unlikely that you will be able to sell the item without including a picture.  As the saying goes ” A picture is worth a thousand words”.

How to insert an Image into Your Website

Is is very simple to insert a picture in your webpage and there are several ways that it can be done.  It depends on what resource you are using to build the webpage.  Most website builders offered by a web host or other software such as wordpress is very similar.

Some readily available website makers allow you to easily insert a picture from your computer.

1) You can place the cursor at the point where you wish to insert the image, and in the menu you may find an insert image button.
2) Clicking the insert image button will allow you to browse your computer to the location where the image is located.
3) Select the image and click the upload or insert button
4) You should be aware that there may be some restrictions on the types and sizes of the images that can be inserted. The most common image types are JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

How to Link to Another Website

1) To hyperlink an item first use your cursor to highlight the text or image you would like to link to another webpage on your website or to another website.  You do not need permission to link to another website.

2)  If you are using a website maker from your web host or any common website building software then look for a button that shows as the links in a chain that is joined together.

3) Click that button.

4) This will bring up a box where you can enter the url of the webpage or website you wish to link to.  If you are linking to another website make sure to start the url you enter into the box with http://

5) Click the OK or Save button.

Your readers will now be able to click on the text or image to be redirected to another page on your website or to another site on the web.


How to insert video into a Website

Are you interested in what you need to know about inserting video into your website?

Videos can make your website more memorable and appealing, plus they make the information you are promoting more convenient for users.

YouTube Videos

If you want to insert a video that you or someone else has made on YouTube, it is a very simple process. And there is a major perk to cutting and pasting videos from YouTube; it doesn’t cost you a penny.

  • There will be a button below the video you are interested that says “Share.”
  • A screen will then pop up showing the html for the video and some other options.
  • Right under the link, there will be a button that says “Embed”.
  • Click it, then copy the code that it shows.
  • You will then need to open the source code of your web page.
  • Paste the Embed code that you copied before, wherever you would like it to go on your website

Helpful Tips

Before you start looking for ways to put videos on your website, you should be aware of the costs. Unless you take your videos from a free website like YouTube, you’ll be spending some money to make your own website video adaptable. If you are hosting your website yourself, you will need an FLV (flash video). An FLV is the format needed to deliver video to the Internet. It does this by using Adobe Flash Player.

If you don’t already have Adobe Flash Player, you can download it to your computer. You can also find FLV converters on the Internet, but depending on the size of the package and the brand, they can be pricey. And different packages have different features. Doing research is the best way for you to pick the one that works for you.

If you are a beginner looking to host your own video or use a video from someone else your best bet is to use You Tube.  If you would like to hire me to upload a video to your website from You Tube, click here to contact me.